Information about Stuttering and Speech Therapy

Although research suggests that almost 70 percent of children who stutter will outgrow it on their own, speech therapy can be a valuable tool for parents and families. According to the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center, parents should consider speech therapy for their child if he or she has been stuttering for more than three to six months, or if the stuttering is severe. Speech therapy is a great way to build children’s confidence and help them communicate more effectively at home and school. During the sessions, a language specialist will focus on helping your child speak more easily and develop a positive attitude toward speaking. CHSC notes that children learn tools to help them speak with greater ease, including reducing the amount of tension in their speech system, beginning their sentences with more air, and using problem-solving skills in difficult speaking situations.

For children who feel nervous or ashamed about speaking, a specialist can help them overcome those negative emotions and speak with confidence. If you think your child could benefit from speech therapy, contact a speech-language pathologist on your True Care Advantage discount dental plan and schedule an evaluation. With help from a specialist, your child can improve his skills in the classroom, build self-esteem, and excel in other important areas of life.PFQ5S2TG6R8E


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