The real meaning behind 20/20 vision

You may have heard the phrase “hindsight is 20/20,” meaning that looking back on a situation brings perfect clarity. But according to the American Optometric Association, this phrase may not be completely accurate. This is because people with 20/20 vision do not necessarily have “perfect vision” – instead, they simply have the ability to see clearly at a distance of 20 feet what should normally be seen. This is why people who cannot see as well at a distance are said to have 20/100 vision, or another larger number. In the case of 20/100 vision, the person can clearly see at 20 feet what someone with normal vision could see at 100 feet.

However, the AOA emphasizes that visual acuity is only one factor in determining visual health. These include peripheral sight, eye coordination, the ability to focus and discern colors, and depth perception. It is important to have a comprehensive eye exam that measures all of these skills. To request this important evaluation of your visual health, schedule an appointment with an optometrist on your True Care Advantage vision care plan. He or she will alert you to any existing issues and start you on a plan for healthy vision.

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