Could chiropractic care lower your blood pressure?

There’s good news for people suffering from high blood pressure: Visiting your chiropractor could help lower it. A study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension suggests that people who have their C-1 Atlas vertebra realigned see a significant drop in their blood pressure; in fact, the realignment was found to be as effective as taking two blood-pressure medications. The drop is thought to occur because a misaligned Atlas vertebra – the uppermost bone in the spine – signals a person’s arteries to contract. Similarly, Chiropractic America suggests that blood pressure is regulated by nerves.

When special sensors in the artery walls detect an increase in blood pressure, the message is relayed to the brain, which then sends out impulses to slow the heart and dilate the blood vessels. When this system is interrupted by misalignment of the vertebrae, the brain cannot regulate blood pressure properly. An adjustment by a trained chiropractor can help solve these issues. To learn more about the connection between chiropractic care and lower blood pressure, talk to a chiropractor through your True Care Advantage medical care plan. Not only will you save money on your visits, you may also be able to stop taking your current blood-pressure medication, saving you even more!

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