Use colored contacts with caution

Have you ever wished your eyes were a different color? Blue instead of brown, or green instead of gray, perhaps? Colored contacts are a popular way to make this happen, but experts from the American Optometric Association warn consumers to be careful about using decorative, non-corrective lenses. According to the American Optometric Association, people cannot know whether they are a good candidate for contact lenses – or whether they may experience problems – if they have not had a professional evaluation by an eye doctor. Risks associated with wearing contact lenses not prescribed by a doctor include swelling, corneal abrasion, allergic reactions, and conjunctivitis. Some people may experience even further complications, including a reduction in contrast sensitivity and general vision.

Contact lenses put patients at risk for bacterial infections or even permanent vision damage – both of which can be prevented by getting the professional opinion of an eye doctor on your True Dental Discounts, dental plan. The American Optometric Associationsuggests that once a person gets approval to wear decorative contact lenses from an eye doctor, she must take proper care of the contacts, treating them as thought they were regular lenses. This includes soaking them overnight in solution, removing the lenses before swimming, and washing your hands before handling the contacts. With these precautions, colored contacts can often be worn safely and confidently.

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