Importance of vestibular testing

When a person has trouble balancing, the problem is often attributed to the inner ear – more specifically, the vestibular (or balance) part of the inner ear. However, according to the American Hearing Research Foundation, the dizziness can also be caused by other issues, including psychological anxiety, low blood pressure or the brain itself. For this reason, vestibular testing is very important for patients suffering from dizziness. When the cause is isolated to something outside the ear, it can often be corrected, which helps the person’s balancing problems to disappear. One example of a vestibular test is the Rotational Chair Test. According to AHRF, the test monitors a person’s dizziness by recording eye movement while a chair is moved around and the person looks at different lights.

The purpose of this test is to determine if the dizziness may be caused by the brain or the inner ear. Recorded eye movements are used to determine how well someone’s inner ear responds to motion – in general, people who suffer from an inner ear disease will become less dizzy than a normal person. Several other vestibular tests are also available, so talk to an audiologist on your True Care hearing plan to find out which ones may help you restore your balance. Many causes revealed through these tests are easily treatable, so don’t wait to find relief.

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