Makeup and your eyes

You’ve probably heard a million times that it’s important to remove your makeup before bed, but do you know why? According to a doctor at the University of Iowa, many people can have an allergic reaction to makeup that is left on overnight. Mascara, eye shadow, and eye liner can all get rubbed into the eye while a person is sleeping, causing her to have a reaction to the products. In addition, makeup that is left on overnight can cause skin to become irritated, which means it will be difficult to apply makeup on the sensitive areas later.

Eyelids and the skin around the eyes are especially prone to irritation because of their thin and delicate nature. If you notice redness or itchiness in your eyes, it could be a sign of makeup irritation; take note of what brand you were using so you can narrow down the cause of your allergic reaction. Also, talk to your eye doctor about any problems and work together to develop a solution, whether it is a nightly removal regimen or using hypoallergenic products. Beauty begins with healthy eyes, so be sure to take care of the eyes underneath all that makeup.

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