Vision exams for young children

It’s easy to know if your child’s knee is scraped or his elbow is bumped, but when it comes to vision, it’s not so easy to know if your child is healthy. In fact, it’s possible for a young child to have a critical vision problem without his parents even being aware of anything abnormal. For this reason, the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends children have their eyes tested starting around age 3. It is particularly important to get your children’s vision screened if you have a family history of vision problems or you notice anything out of the ordinary about your child’s eyes.

For instance, children whose eyes tend to be crossed, have signs of a lazy eye, or whose upper eyelid droops all need to be tested for vision problems. It’s best to catch these problems early so an eye doctor can begin to correct the child’s vision as soon as possible before school starts. For information about the frequency that your own child needs to be screened, talk to your True Dental Discounts eye doctor to establish a regular schedule.

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