Role of ear wax in reduced hearing

Reduced hearing can be caused by many different factors, but one of the simplest, yet overlooked factors is ear wax. Ear wax is produced by the ear itself and is meant to protect the ear from water or infection. The amount of wax produced varies by each person, and unfortunately, some people are more prone to having an excess amount of wax than others. In these cases, the wax can cause not only a reduction in hearing, but also a possible infection from bacteria getting trapped in the ear. The American Hearing Research Foundation suggests people with a lot of ear wax visit a doctor every six months to a year to have the wax professionally removed.

A hearing specialist on your True Dental Discounts, hearing plan can look at your ear with a microscope and use special tools to remove the wax. Between visits, American Hearing Research Foundation suggests patients use a few drops of baby oil in each ear on a weekly basis. After the oil sits in your ear for a few minutes, lie down over a towel and let it drain out. Patients with a perforated eardrum should not use this method, so talk to your doctor before trying it. In addition, it is important to remember that you should avoid using Q-tips, hair pins or any other pointed object to clean out ear wax. These objects could push the wax even deeper inside your ear canal or even potentially break your ear drum. When in doubt, it’s always best to leave ear wax removal to the professionals and get their approval on any at-home methods you would like to try.


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