Visual Reinforcement Audiometry tests for young children

If you have a young child age 7 months to 2 ½ years who you suspect may have difficulty hearing, you may benefit from requesting a Visual Reinforcement Audiometry test. According to Children’s Hospital Boston, this test is a “behavioral audiometric test” conducted in a special, sound-treated room. During the painless procedure, children are presented with varying sounds while a researcher records their responses. Depending on the age of the child, he or she may sit on a parent’s lap or in a chair. Older children may also use earphones, which allow researchers to assess each ear separately.

In contrast, younger children often respond best to “sound field audiometry,” in which they are placed between two speakers. When a sound is emitted, the child is monitored for responses ranging from eye shifting to head turning toward the source of the sound. From this, audiologists can form an audiogram of the child’s better-hearing ear in cases where a difference is present. If you have questions about Visual Reinforcement Audiometry tests, don’t hesitate to contact an audiologist through your True Dental Discounts, hearing plan. He or she will address your concerns and help you schedule an evaluation for your child.

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