Look for these three traits when choosing your child’s eye glasses

Children are notoriously active: If they’re not busy climbing a tree or jumping on a trampoline, chances are they’re swimming or playing soccer. For this reason, it’s especially important to find glasses for your child that won’t break or scratch easily. By keeping your child’s glasses intact, you save money and time, and they can continue seeing clearly. So, next time you schedule an appointment with an eye doctor on your True Dental Discounts vision plan, work with him to find glasses with these three traits:

Spring hinges – If your child is like most children with glasses, he probably pulls his glasses off without a lot of thought. Unfortunately, quick, jerked movements can often compromise the structure of normal glasses. That’s why glasses with spring hinges are a great buy; the springs boost the flexibility of the frames, making the glasses snap-resistant.

Polycarbonate lenses – These durable lenses are made from material that was created to withstand extreme wear and tear. In fact, polycarbonate can be found in bulletproof windows and astronaut visors! It goes without saying that lenses made with polycarbonate are great for children, particularly those who are involved in sports or other physical activities. In addition, polycarbonate lenses are lighter and thinner than most glasses, which means your child won’t have to keep pushing them back into place on their nose.

Scratch-resistant coating – Even though polycarbonate lenses come with a basic coating to prevent scratches, it’s a good idea to find a specialized coating to apply on top of the existing one.  It’s important to note that no lenses or coatings can completely prevent scratches, but applying an extra coat is a great way to stretch the time in between repairs. Many of these coatings also come with warranties just in case the lenses do scratch.

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