Vision changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great physical change for women, and their eyes are no exception. According to Prevent Blindness America, pregnant women can expect several changes to occur in their vision, including refractive changes, dry eyes, and puffy eyelids. In fact, hormones can cause a woman to notice a change in the strength of prescription she needs to see clearly. While some doctors may recommend altering the prescription right away, others may suggest the woman waits until after she delivers to see if the changes were merely temporary effects of the pregnancy.  Another common, temporary condition experienced during pregnancy is dry eye. Fortunately, eye drops are safe for pregnant women to use and are easily obtained and applied. This solution is especially helpful for women who wear contacts, as dry eyes can cause wearing contacts to become irritating. According to PBA, dry eye conditions typically go away within a few weeks of delivery.

Finally, many pregnant women notice an increase in the puffiness of their eyelids. This puffiness is also an effect of the body’s changing hormones and is temporary. Experts recommend that women drink plenty of water and reduce their sodium and caffeine intake to help prevent excessive puffiness, which can interfere with vision. Women who have pre-existing conditions such as glaucoma or diabetes should absolutely discuss pregnancy with their eye doctor, especially if they are on any medications. An eye doctor on your vision plan can help you keep your vision healthy throughout your pregnancy and watch for any changes that may occur. It is safe for pregnant women to have their eyes dilated, so do not shy away from your regular vision exam and risk the health of you or your baby.

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