Questions to ask before choosing a hearing aid

Hearing aids can provide tremendous benefits for people suffering from any level of hearing loss. With the right device, most people experience a dramatic improvement in their quality of life, making the choice of a hearing aid a very important decision. To help you better judge the effectiveness of a hearing aid, the Better Hearing Institute has developed a series of questions people should ask themselves during a test run, including:

  • How is the sound clarity? Are sounds crisp and clean?
  • Do you like the sound of your voice? Is it what you are accustomed to?
  • Do you sound like you are in a barrel?
  • Are loud sounds uncomfortable?
  • Does music have a rich, full and pleasant texture?
  • Does the hearing aid ever squeak or whistle on its own?
  • Does your hearing aid actually muffle sound by plugging your ear?
  • Is the sound “tinny”?

All of these questions will help you make a well-informed choice about the hearing aid that is right for you. As you can see, it is important to try the hearing aid in a variety of situations – in the presence of loud and soft noises, while listening to music, and while talking to yourself – so you can properly judge the quality of sound. Although some measure of quality is determined by a person’s level and type of hearing loss, it can often be improved by simply adjusting the hearing aid itself. For more expert advice on choosing the best hearing aid, talk to a professional audiologist; you can find an excellent specialist at a discounted price by using your True Dental Discounts hearing plan. With his or her help, you will be on your way to a hearing-rich life.

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