Everyday signs of hearing loss

Losing your hearing can be scary. As a result, many people are hesitant to admit that they are beginning to notice signs of hearing loss and may point to external sources to explain any emerging differences. In reality, there are many indicators that you should seek the help of an audiologist, and most are apparent in everyday situations. Some of the indicators, as identified by the Better Hearing Institute, include:

  • Responding inappropriately to verbal questions;
  • Having trouble understanding a speaker in a large room, such as during a church service;
  • Having difficulty hearing someone in a crowded room or restaurant;
  • Frequently perceiving people to be mumbling or murmuring;
  • Increasing inquiries from family and friends about potential hearing loss;
  • Avoiding social gatherings because you fear you won’t be able to hold a conversation;
  • Frequently asking someone to repeat themselves;
  • Realizing you didn’t hear the telephone or the doorbell ring;
  • Having to increase the volume of your TV to properly hear the programs;
  • Reducing your use of the telephone because you can’t hear the other person as well as you used to;
  • Having an especially difficult time understanding conversations with women and children, who have higher voices.

If any of these signs seem familiar to you, you should immediately schedule an appointment with an audiologist on your hearing care plan. There are many solutions available to you that can help preserve your hearing and improve your quality of life. Remember – hearing loss is not always a consequence of old age; anyone can experience signs of reduced hearing, particularly those who are exposed to high levels of noise on a frequent basis. Do yourself a favor and talk to a professional who can help you identify the presence of hearing loss and direct you toward a long-term solution.

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