Could your juice be interfering with your prescriptions?

Believe it or not, the glass of fruit juice you drink each morning could be dramatically lowering the effectiveness of your medications. According to AARP, studies have shown that fruit juices – particularly apple, grapefruit, and orange juice – can interfere with medications and lower their intended effects by preventing drugs from being absorbed properly. In one study, patients who drank juice cut the effectiveness of their Allegra in half. Key medications that appear to be affected include some drugs used to treat cancer, certain antibiotics and blood-pressure medications, and drugs used to prevent organ rejections after a transplant.

But before you cut the juice out of your morning routine, make sure you consult a doctor or pharmacist on your True Dental Discounts Rx plan. A professional can help you decide if your favorite juice interacts poorly with your medication; if it does, you may be able to switch to an alternate medication or change the time you take your prescription.

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