What is an overdenture?

When a dentist recommends a patient be fitted for dentures, he may recommend a type of denture called an “overdenture.” Overdentures are geared toward people who still have some of their original teeth, implants, or roots because they use these original teeth as anchors. Overdentures are sometimes preferred to regular dentures because they can help reduce bone loss and create a more secure denture. In order to create overdentures, a dentist must first prepare the remaining teeth or roots by removing any traces of infection and, in some cases, strengthening them with metal caps. This typically requires a root canal treatment. Then, impressions are taken to ensure that the dentures fit the shape and curvature of the wearer’s mouth. At first, the person may experience difficulty chewing and speaking, but in time, the dentures will feel natural.

Remember: Oral health is key at any age, but it is particularly crucial during older adulthood as more problems begin to manifest. Talk to your True Dental Discounts dental plan dentist about the best type of dentures for your mouth and lifestyle. Taking this first step can lead to a lifetime of good oral health.

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