Oral health and its link to adequate nutrition

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to maintain a healthy diet and consume the proper amount of vitamins in order to remain in good health. Older adults are particularly susceptible to nutrient-deficient conditions, such as osteoporosis and anemia. In response to this need, researchers for the Journal of the American Dental Association studied a group of seniors ages 79 and older and analyzed their diets. What they found has since shed more light on the need for oral hygiene. In this study, seniors who had fewer natural and healthy teeth were found to have poorer dietary habits and higher nutrient deficiencies. This same conclusion was drawn about older adults who do not have properly fitting dentures. In both cases, the seniors who maintained good oral hygiene and had either natural teeth or well-fitting dentures were more likely to eat a variety of foods and, consequently, consume a wider range of vitamins throughout the day.

Based on this study, the researchers at JADA concluded that it is important to encourage dental hygiene as a person ages in order to avoid needing dentures. In the event that a person does need dentures, however, it’s equally important that he is educated about the proper use and fit of false teeth. One way to achieve this is by encouraging a healthy exchange of communication between older adults and their dentists. If you or someone in your family seems to not be eating as well due to deteriorating or ill-fitting teeth, make an appointment with your discount dentist to talk about your options. Your dentist will be able to give you suggestions on taking proper care of your teeth as you age and can also make sure any dentures you already have are the correct size and shape for your mouth. By taking advantage of this link between oral hygiene and nutrition, you can make maintaining your health both simple and affordable.

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