Connection between gum disease and heart disease

It’s long been suspected that poor gum health can contribute to heart disease, and a new study in the Journal of Periodontology has found more evidence to support this theory. The study focused on the inflammatory nature of both conditions, explaining that chronic inflammation can lead to dysfunction of the affected tissues and severe complications. It was suggested that as one of the conditions worsens, the other is exacerbated as well. Researchers recommend that periodontists and cardiologists collaborate to increase awareness of the connection among their patients.

To do this, periodontists may speak out more frequently about the effects of gum disease on heart health, while cardiologists may inspect a patient’s mouth for basic signs of gum disease as part of their examination. To find out more about your own gum health, talk to a dentist on your True Dental Discounts dental plan and ask about the connection between your gums and heart. Improving one could mean improving your total overall health.


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