Did you know? Interesting facts about the eye

The human eye is one of the most fascinating and complex parts of the entire body. From its reversed way of seeing the world to its connection with the brain, the eye can amaze even the most brilliant of scientists. Here are some of the most interesting things about your eyes that you likely never knew:

  • • According to the Midland Eye Institute, the retina contains 120 million rods that are used specifically for “night vision.”
  • Unlike many other organs, the eye cannot be transplanted. Boulder Eye Surgeons attribute this phenomenon to the optic nerve, which can never be repaired once its connection to the brain is severed.
  • Most Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes because melanin – a pigment molecule that produces color – hasn’t yet been deposited in a baby’s iris. Also, people’s eyes tend to darken after being exposed to light when they are born.
  • Only about 1/6 of the eye is visible; the rest is hidden within a person’s eye socket.
  • The little spots of light you see when you shut your eyes tightly are called “phosphenes.” These are typically caused when pressure is put on the eye (such as when you rub your eyes). This pressure stimulates the retina, causing a person to “see” light patterns, even though no light can get into the eye.
  • The eye has the equivalent of 576 megapixels. However, the eye acts more like a video stream than a single camera shot. Together with the brain, eyes produce extremely high-resolution images.
  • The images on a person’s retina are upside down, but our brain allows us to see things right-side up. Similarly, the brain coordinates the images taken in from both eyes in order to produce one cohesive visual field. Many scientists theorize that babies see everything upside down for the first few days of their lives until they grow accustomed to vision.

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