Hearing hazards at work

We’ve all heard that it’s dangerous to listen to extremely loud music, but lots of people are exposed to dangerous decibel levels every day at work. According to the Better Hearing Institute, the most risky professions for hearing loss include firefighting, farming, construction, military, entertainment, and factory work. All of these jobs require frequent exposure to loud noise or music, often in close proximity. For instance, many factory workers are positioned next to loud machinery for hours at a time.

This kind of exposure, over long periods of time, has been proven to cause hearing loss or even deafness. To prevent damage to your hearing, it is wise to always wear ear plugs when exposed to high noise levels. A good way to determine dangerous levels is to try to carry a conversation through the noise. If you cannot easily talk to someone without shouting, then the noise is too loud and can potentially cause hearing loss. If you work in a profession that could compromise your hearing, talk to your doctor about prevention techniques. Steps taken now could result in many more years of good hearing down the road.

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